Protect Your Investments!

At Erie Pro Power Cleaning & Equipment, LLC, we specialize in undercarriage wash systems (drive-over, stationary, and portable). We have been installing and selling these sytems to school garages, fire departments, and motor coach companies for more than two decades.

Our undercarriage wash systems are a great way to protect your investments. With the rising costs of emergency vehicles, school buses, motor coaches, and other vehicles, why not do your best to protect the integrity of your fleet as long as possible? Contact us to learn more about the variety of options we can offer you. We'd be happy to answer your questions and recommend the undercarriage wash system that will best meet your needs.

We not only sell and install undercarriage wash systems, but also sell Neutra Salt-R. This product has a dual purpose: It will clean and remove salt and/or calcium chloride, and it contains a polymeric rust inhibitor. Winter months can be brutal on undercarriages, and Neutra Salt-R can help mitigate damages. It can be applied with either a hot or cold pressure washer system.

Undercarriage wash system remote control packageUndercarriage Wash Systems

NEW! Remote Control
System Now Available

Save time and manpower with our remote control system allowing the driver to position the vehicle, turn the system on, and turn it off again without ever exiting the vehicle. The remote control system comes with two remote fobs; add up to 14 more for a total of 16.

This drive-over wash system, recently installed by Erie Pro Power Cleaning & Equipment, LLC, will ensure these motor coaches stay in the best possible condition by removing damaging dirt and chemicals from beneath the carriage.

Portable Drive-Over Undercarriage Wash System

  • Runs off a pressure washer
  • 4-nozzle manifold
  • Easily moved in 3 pieces to relocate to different areas
  • PSI and GPM depend on size of pressure washer being used (this model can handle a pressure washer that runs from 3 GPM to 25 GPM)
  • Chemical is introduced through pump at high pressure
  • $1,625.00

Undercarriage Washer/Surface Cleaner

Undercarriage washer/surface cleaner

  • $995.00

Many more products and configurations are available! Contact us for more information.